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Tucked in the heart of the Loxahatchee wetlands, the Florida Everglades is a hidden jewel of natural beauty and thrilling adventure. Glittering rivers and swamps banked by acres of Sawgrass make up the majority of this hidden paradise. Home to hundreds of species of birds and animals – and the only place in the world where Florida Panthers and alligators live side-by-side – these wetlands are a must-see attraction, and offer an unforgettable experience.

The Florida Everglades host an amazing variety of creatures, including many on the endangered species list – it is, in fact, the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. Everglades National Park has also been designated an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of National Importance.

Passengers of West Palm Beach Airboat tours will have the chance to see magnificent beauty up close and personal, in the very heart of the Florida Everglades. As third-generation everglade Floridians, we know these magnificent waters like the back of our hands; and with West Palm Beach airboat tours, you get the insider perspective. While drifting down the still waters, you may come within touching distance of an American Alligator, or see the eyes of a Florida Panther watching from a tree. Snow-white egrets stalk majestically among the lily pads, while the gentle Great Blue herons pass by. Tailored to individuals, our Airboat Tour is fully customized to suit your particular dream tour. Whether you wish to watch the sun set over the Loxahatchee preserve or take advantage of the early dawn hours to listen to the birdsong of swamp-dwelling songbirds, we can create the tour for you. Our experienced guides have the knowledge and training to help you make the most of your tour, giving you the insider information on secret spots and must-see wonders.

Because of the size and maneuverability of our Airboats, we go places other people cannot, offering you the secret spots and untouched paradises. You will learn about the various species of plants and animals inhabiting the wetlands, as well as seeing first-hand the living, swaying, rippling beauty of the “River of Grass.” Our skilled drivers are also masters of their crafts, and can maneuver for a closer look at a flash of brilliant plumage or green scales.

The natural beauty of the Everglades Tours is nothing short of breathtaking, and you’ll want to capture it on film – otherwise, you’ll hardly believe your eyes! The Florida Everglades offer a unique and unbeatable experience for budding photographers, or even just camera-happy tourists. With up-close-and-personal encounters with a variety of species, you’ll leave the wetlands with a bundle of memories captured in unbelievable sights. Along with its large populations of alligators, crocodiles, panthers, and manatees, the Everglades are also home to otters, snakes, raccoons, and over 350 species of birds. Some of the most rare and endangered species in the United States live here – and with West Palm Beach Airboat Tours, you can come face to face with these threatened treasures.

The Everglades tour offers a unique look into south Florida’s echo system. Fast, sleek, and powerful, our airboats can take you anywhere in the wetlands in a matter of minutes, or slip silently through the glades for luxurious hours. Our tours uphold high standards of safety, environmental consciousness, and of course, customer satisfaction – we guarantee that your experience with us will be an unforgettable adventure, and a glimpse into the hidden beauty of one of the most magical places on earth. Contact us today to customize your tour, and discover the glory of the Florida Everglades. See why Everglades tours are the best way to see the Florida Wetlands.

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A visit to the Florida Everglades just is not complete without an exciting airboat ride. An airboat trip can allow you to see more of the Everglades than you ever imagined.

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