King of the Everglades

The American Alligator – King of the Florida everglades, this creature never ceases to amaze me after all the years viewing them in the Florida Everglades on airboat tours. Most people who visit the everglades forget that this creature has been on earth for over 200 million years and has out lived the dinosaur. There life span is approximately 40 to 60 years in the wild but they have been known to live longer in captivity. They are fascinating to watch in the wild and are the high light of the airboat tours most of the time. If you are in the everglades in the months of late July, August and September you may get a rare glimpse of a nesting area for the female. She will typically stay with the nest during the incubation period that will last approximately 65 days. After her newborns hatch she will stay with them for about two years protecting them from predators.