The Thrill of The Airboat Ride

An old-fashioned airboat ride is one of the best ways to see the rivers and marshes of areas like the Florida Everglades – as scenic a place as you could ever hope to visit. Airboats are a long-established part of the scenery, and there’s nothing quite like hopping on to one to get a tour round the wildlife and scenery of these beautiful waterways. An airboat ride is a thrill for visitors of all ages.

There’s no reason to sit on a boring barge when you can see the rivers and marshes from a genuine old-fashioned airboat. The distinctive shape of the big rear propeller is about as close as you get to a symbol of the Florida Everglades, short of the alligators themselves – and you don’t want to get too close to them! Visitors consistently say that taking a ride in an airboat was the most exciting and memorable part of their whole trip. The thrill of the ride is how close you get to nature and the great outdoors, with the wind in your hair and the spray from the water adding to the experience.

When going on an airboat ride, you’ll want to take some well-soled, flat shoes along with you. Your airboat tour operator will usually supply you with ear protection should you want it, and normally will have binoculars on hand to help you see the wildlife as close up as possible. Other accessories you’ll want to take on an airboat tour include things like sunscreen and sunhats (on bright sunny days); a jacket to keep yourself dry and warm; plenty to drink, although again, many tour operators will provide refreshments as part of your ticket price; and, last but not least, a camera to record the experience!

On your airboat ride you’ll see beautiful and rare birds such as herons, ospreys, egrets and cranes, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch sight of the legendary alligators that populate these marshes and rivers. An airboat ride is not just about a thrilling ride through the water, though. Airboat tours also fulfill a valuable and vital conservation function, educating visitors about the unique ecosystems of habitats like the Florida Everglades. As our native wetlands come under threat from a variety of sources, it’s important that public awareness of these special places is as strong as possible. So anairboat ride isn’t just a bit of fun, it can also be an educational experience for the whole family.