Florida Everglades private airboat rides

Florida Everglades private airboat rides are a prevalent activity amongst tourists and for good reasons. The Everglades is a unique setting where you can discover beautiful scenery and incredible wildlife. However, people can be hesitant to climb on board an airboat packed with other tourists. We find most of you prefer a more intimate experience, where you can be with the people that are important to you. It is why all of our airboat rides are private. Private airboat rides are the best way to enjoy the Everglades, all in good company. Let’s look at the advantages and the positive aspects of private bookings.


West Palm Beach airboat tours

We often mention that West Palm Beach airboat tours are great for your family and friends. Since our airboat tours are private, you always get a more intimate experience. However, friends and family are not the only people who can enjoy a tour together. We also take on larger groups, and we found over the years that work getaways have become incredibly popular. If you want your workers and colleagues to enjoy an authentic bonding experience away from the workplace, West Palm beach airboat tours might be the perfect thing for you, and here is why:


West Palm Beach Airboat Rides, climate change, and the Everglades

West Palm Beach Airboat Rides, Climate Change, and the Everglades

The Everglades is a delicate ecosystem, and as such, it is very dependant on the weather. The idea is that weather can positively or negatively impact, especially with the current restoration projects in the area. Many efforts to restore balance in the ecosystem rely on certain climatic assumptions and predictions, which is why a change in the weather patterns can throw a spanner in the works. The well-being of the Everglades is essential to West Palm Beach Airboat Rides. Let’s take a look at how climate change can affect our favorite ecosystem.


Everglades Airboat Tour - Florida Everglades

How To Prepare For A West Palm Beach Airboat Tour

Whether you’ve scheduled an Everglades airboat tour with West Palm Beach Airboat Rides or you’re considering booking one in the future, you should be properly prepared. Everglades tours are exciting, as they’re a truly unique experience unlike anything else. It’s not every day that you get to experience the Everglades up close and personal, so it’s vital that you get everything right before you step on board. If you’ve never ridden on an airboat tour before, you should know that there are a few things you should do to prepare accordingly for your upcoming trip.


Private Airboat Tours - Mangrove Cluster


Private Is Better

Even if you’ve lived in Florida your whole life or visiting on vacation, you truly haven’t experienced South Florida until you’ve ridden on an Everglades private airboat tour. There’s nothing quite like gliding across the vast waterways of the Everglades. Whether going under the mangrove forests or between the great walls of Sawgrass on each side, airboat tours are one of the most amazing things you can experience while in South Florida. That said, many companies offer public tours, while others offer private airboat tours. Despite public airboat tours being relatively common, you’ll find that private tours are far better in every single way.


West Palm Beach Attractions - Palm Tree

West Palm Beach Attractions

West Palm Beach attractions an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades tops the list. One of the most important things would be the weather, typically outdoor activities for residents of Florida are enjoyed more in the cooler months of fall, winter, and spring. The best months for outdoor activities are from October thru May. Although June and July are warmer it is not too bad. The hottest time of the year is late July, August, and September. If you plan on doing an airboat ride in the Everglades do it early in the morning. So when planning a trip consider these weather factors when vacationing in Florida.


What Are Airboat Rides?

Airboat Rides are one of the best ways to see the rivers and marshes of areas like the Florida Everglades. As a scenic place, you could ever hope to visit the Everglades is breathtaking. Airboats are a long-established part of the scenery, and there’s nothing quite like hopping on to one to get a tour around the wildlife. West Palm Beach Airboat tours are a thrill for visitors of all ages and walks of life.


 American Alligator

American Alligator – King of the Florida everglades, this creature never ceases to amaze me after all the years.  Viewing them in the Florida Everglades on an airboat tour has been a blessing. Most people who visit the everglades forget that this creature has been on earth for over 200 million years. Out living the dinosaur as well as other reptiles. They are fascinating to watch in the wild and are the high light of the airboat tours. In the months of late July, August and September you may get a rare glimpse of a nesting area for the female Alligator. She will typically stay with the nest during the incubation period that will last approximately 65 days. After her newborns hatch she will stay with them for about two years protecting them from predators.